20 New Best Narrow Bathroom Designs Ideas

Currently, obstruction and space are common problems in urban life, especially when it comes to ideas for small bathrooms. Narrow Bathrooms with little space primarily require innovative design approaches to make the most of the little space available.

In this article, we will explore some new creative and functional ideas about narrow bathroom designs, that not only maximize the space, but also magnify the overall creative and functionality of the room.

What To Consider When Designing A Narrow Bathroom?

Building the greatest bathing space in a small bathroom could be challenging. However, there are many design tactics and methods you can utilize to make the most of these occasionally overlooked long, narrow rooms and create anything you desire.

1. Accept minimalism

The secret to working with a narrow bathroom is simplicity. Choose sleek, small scale items like wall mounted toilets and floating vanities to adopt a minimalist style. Avoid over decorating the space and instead use neutral hues to provide the impression of spaciousness.

2. Plan your Shower Arrangements

Shower in bathroom

It can be challenging to determine how to best arrange the necessary equipment and sanitary ware in a long, narrow bathroom. In order to reduce excessive weight in the design, designers suggest positioning the shower towards the end of the space and selecting a frameless shower.

In contrast to conventional showers, frameless showers don’t have hefty frames surrounding the glass. This makes them appear clear and expansive, which enlarges the impression of the bathroom. The projection of the showerhead is considered; for example, some showerheads have an arm that is half a meter long, which is inefficient in a small space.

A showerhead with a relatively short projection is ideal. Making use of glass and doing away with the shower door will help to keep the footprint small. A shower or bath placed at the far end of a small bathroom will make the space appear and feel bigger.

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3. Draw up a Jewel box Color plan

You can design your own jewel box environment in a small bathroom or contemporary powder room. A strong base can be achieved with a bold wallpaper or paint color.

An unusual vanity is another fantastic way to add interest to a small space if you’re not adding drama with bathroom color or pattern on the walls. Avoid becoming limited in your thinking. Play with size by introducing an unusually huge piece, such as a pendant, vanity, or mirror, to create a contrast that will be pleasing to the eye and redefine the space.

It is impossible to overstate the impact of a stunning paint color or contrasting wallpaper that uses colors from the design in striking new ways. Going bold with colors, wallpaper, or large pieces in a little bathroom will make an immediate effect.

4. Attach Sinks and Vanities to the Wall

Narrow Bathroom Designs Ideas

A hanging sink or vanity will give the appearance of more space, and using it in a small or narrow bathroom is a smart piece of design advice straight from the pros. Maintaining a sightline beneath the main pieces of furniture in a small bathroom will help it appear more spacious.

To create a sense of space and flow in a small area, we advise suspending sinks from the wall or setting vanity units on high legs. By selecting wall hung sanitary ware, a small bathroom can appear larger than it is. As a result, there is more floor area that is visible, which can open up the space and make it feel bigger than it actually is. A wall-hung vanity can also pull off this optical illusion.

5. For Narrow Bathroom Designs: Make Use of Vertical Space

In a narrow bathroom, make the most of the vertical space. To keep the floor area clutter free, install tall cabinets or shelves to hold toiletries and towels. Vertical mirrors can help create the appearance of a larger room and add depth.

6. Select sliding doors

Bathroom sliding door

In narrow bathrooms, traditional hinged doors can eat up vital space. Installing sliding or pocket doors that slide into the wall would allow for extra space for other components.

7. Install Corner Fixtures:

Corner bathtubs, showers, and sinks are fantastic options for narrow bathrooms. These fixtures make the most of underutilized corners and offer useful components without restricting movement.

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8. Play with Light and Mirrors:

Light and mirror in bathroom

A well narrow bathroom always appears larger. Utilize sheer window coverings or frosted glass to increase natural light. Additionally, mirrors positioned in the appropriate places can reflect light and appear enlarge the space, giving the bathroom a lighter, more airy impression.

9. include glass components

In a narrow bathroom, glass shower enclosures or walls make the space feel spacious and open. They let light in and visually link the various parts of the room, giving the impression that it is less confined.

10. Use Space Saving Accessories:

Space saving accessories in bathroom

Choose accessories that save space, such as wall mounted hooks, towel racks, and soap dispensers. The organization and cleanliness of the area can greatly benefit from these modest upgrades.

11. Consider Including Smart Storage Options

Smart storage options in bathroom

Think about having custom made shelves or cupboards that exactly match the available area. Without taking up any additional floor space, vertical pull out drawers and hidden storage spaces can provide more storage.

12. Choose large tiles

Tiles in bathroom

By selecting large format tiles, you can create the appearance of a larger floor area. Additionally, a seamless appearance can be achieved by using the same tiles on the floor and walls, which will increase the room’s feeling of openness.

13. Add Greenery and Art:

To give the narrow bathroom life and personality, strategically incorporate indoor plants and artwork. While artwork might attract the eye upward and take attention away from the narrow space, greenery can soften the area and provide a calming atmosphere.

14. Select a one Wall Design

It’s a clever design choice to arrange the bathroom’s utilities so that they all run down one wall. This kind of organization is frequently utilized in kitchen design for small areas, and it may be used as a layout plan for a small bathroom as well. Everything should be put on one side of the room, similar to a galley kitchen, and opposite a window if you have one. This rule can be applied to many small or narrow spaces.

15. Go for layered lightings

Lighting considerations naturally follow once you’ve determined whether or not your little bathroom is only infrequently used. In that case, you can select low level lighting to give the space a gloomy, melancholy feeling.

However, tiered lighting should be used if this is a busy, heavily used bathroom that needs a lot of light. Layered lighting makes the most of every square inch of space that is available. For instance, you can put lighting inside of storage units, inside of or around mirrors, and on the walls on either side of the sink.

If you don’t have much wall space, you can create ceiling lights using pendants of various heights. Layered bathroom lighting may add warmth and style to a small space. If the ceilings are high, consider making use of the vertical space by installing dramatic lighting at the top, additional shelving or storage, or a towel bar that is strung up high.

If the available space prevents you from using a typical mirror and sconces, you may need to get creative with your lighting design. You may create a little extra space by hanging small pendant lights from the ceiling or adding sconces to the side walls.

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16. Choose a dark design

Narrow Bathroom Designs Ideas

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to consider how you’ll use this small bathroom area when planning. We advise that you take into account a bathroom that is dark and moody in style if a narrow bathroom will only be used by visitors.

However, if this small bathroom must serve as a space for washing, putting on makeup, or getting ready for bed, we advise keeping it bright and airy to avoid making the space feel cramped. The room can appear even larger if the floor is finished in a deeper color and the walls and ceiling are lighter.


With the right amount of forward preparation, bathroom storage issues in a small bathroom can be resolved. A clever use of wall space is wall insert storage, which offers much-needed additional space for towels and other essentials.

Consider carving out storage space or using large-scale or custom medicine cabinets to maintain the airy, open sense of the narrow bathroom design. Pocket doors, integrated cabinetry, and cupboards can increase room without closing off the footprint.

Finding storage will guarantee that the area is practical, relaxing, and tranquil. Consider installing a double vanity on the wall to create the impression of more room.

This will expose the floor beneath, expanding the eye and lengthening the space. Additionally, it is ideal for creating a floating effect, which contrasts well with the vanity’s greater size.

18. Keep narrow bathroom neat and compact

Strategic planning and space-saving techniques are needed to maintain the cleanliness and compactness of a small bathroom. The amount of space can be maximized by using vertical storage solutions, such as wall-mounted cabinets and shelves.

Choosing sleek fixtures and simple decor can give the impression of space. To keep toiletries and other necessities hidden and organized, use smart storage containers.

Mirrors can be used to give the room depth and brightness. Making the most of its little space while retaining a feeling of efficiency and design, the bathroom is kept immaculate and welcoming through routine decluttering and effective cleaning procedures.

19. Use Bespoke Fittings And Furnitures

A bathroom vanity unit serves as an anchor for the bathroom’s decor and offers useful storage space. It is frequently the focal point of the room.

It might be challenging to find a vanity unit that will fit into a small space; instead, think about getting a custom vanity unit that can be made to fit any area. To maximize the available space, a wall mounted tap might enable the basin to be positioned closely against the wall.

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20. Provide panels and little details to the ceiling to provide interest

The ceiling, or fifth wall, is sometimes disregarded but can offer an additional chance to include design elements. A small space’s ceiling may present a missed chance to create visual volume. Much though a small toilet might have a variety of personalities, a large one makes them shine much more.

Though it may seem eccentric, big ideas work best in cramped quarters. To make the most of the available space in a small bathroom, more imagination is required. For instance, sanitary items like hooks and holders may need to be fixed to the sides of cabinets or the backs of doors.


It takes thoughtful planning and consideration of space saving strategies for a Narrow Bathroom Designs. Even in the tightest spaces, a fashionable and practical bathroom can be created by embracing simplicity, making use of vertical space, and using smart design features.

Remember that optimizing space doesn’t imply sacrificing beauty, and with the correct decisions, your little bathroom can be transformed into a haven of luxury and comfort.

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What’s the narrowest a bathroom can be?

New Best Narrow Bathroom Designs Ideas
The lowest size, which can accommodate a toilet and a sink, is typically 15 square feet. Installation of a shower requires at least 30-36 square feet. You will need at least 40 square feet for a full bathroom with a shower and a bathtub.

How to design a small guest bathroom?

New Best Narrow Bathroom Designs Ideas
1. Include cotton swabs, makeup removal products, etc.
2. Extinguish matches and candles
3. Use more contemporary storage.
4. Freshly Cut Flowers
5. Use a vanity with a skirt to conceal storage
6. Use a bath mat or area rug to keep your feet warm.
7. Place fluffy towels out.
8. Provide Hand Sanitizer.

How do you fit a full bathroom in a small space?

1. Make use of two large mirrors.
2. Add a Pocket Door
3. Use the toilet sparingly
4. Increase light by adding larger windows
5. Decide whether to use pedestal sinks.
6. Try a glass-walled shower.
7. Improve Space by Using Optical Illusions

What color makes a small bathroom look bigger?

What color paint would look the best in a small bathroom? A room will appear larger when painted in light hues like white, crème, pastel blue, gray, or yellow, whereas a room will appear smaller when painted in dark colors like a deep red, green, or brown.

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